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There’s a better way to do CRE lending

Blooma delivers a radically different and modern way to do business. With automated underwriting, you can step back from monotonous and painstaking tasks and dive into data-driven insights that drive real results

Automated underwriting software interface

Bankers, Lenders and Brokers everywhere are using blooma to level up.

    Today the CRE lending process is :

    • Manual

      Most companies are still using legacy processes that are labor-intensive and largely based in Excel. That means a higher risk for errors and time wasted on data entry. 

      Blooma uses AI and machine learning to accelerate the underwriting process. With our automated underwriting process, users can bypass the busy work to quick and accurate comps. 

    • Time Consuming

      Today, the underwriting process takes too long. Depending on the complexity of a deal, it can take hours just to get all of the documentation together for a deal. That’s time wasted for you, and your customers. 

      Blooma automates up to 85% of the underwriting process to get you to a decision point in just minutes. 

    • Fragmented

      Most lenders today leverage multiple point solutions to manually populate risk models in Excel spreadsheets or Loan Origination Systems (LOS). 

      Blooma is an all-in-one CRE solution that’s designed to work with your existing set up so there’s no interruption to your workflow. Seamless and smart.

    • Lacking Data

      Despite its size, the commercial real estate (CRE) industry has relatively few providers of data — and even fewer tools to support credit and investment analysis of deals. 

      With Blooma, the best insights are always at your fingertips. We pull in, aggregate and normalize data from top firms in the industry, but you can use yours, too. Mix and match as you please. 

      Blooma does it better

      Do it all with Blooma

      Today, the CRE lending industry is filled with point-solutions that leave lenders on their own to cobble together broken solutions putting their businesses at risk. We’re here to change that.

      Blooma is a simple, all-in-one lending solution that empowers lenders to spend less time reading documents and spreading financials, and more time closing the transactions that keep our industry growing.

      • Nail your pre-flight process

        Blooma pulls in thousands of unique data points to make sure your deals are up to snuff — before you even start the underwriting process. 

      • Underwrite & Originate Deals 

        Go from ‘deal’ to ‘done’ in minutes. Our intelligent workflow simplifies the underwriting process so you can focus on what matters most. 

      • Monitor your portfolio

        Manage one deal, or your entire portfolio with ongoing monitoring, stress testing and borrower analysis. 

      Level up your lending

      Faster insights, smarter decisions.

      What used to take anywhere from 30-60 days now takes just a few clicks and a few minutes. From origination to portfolio management, Blooma’s automated underwriting software is bringing digital transformation to commercial real estate. 


      Decrease in origination time


      Increase in transaction volume


      Reduction in overall costs

      The Blooma Difference

      CRE with confidence

      Blooma isn’t just another software company, we’re here to shake up the status quo. At the intersection of people, technology, and data, we’re empowering our customers to do more than ever before. 

      Good deals are in our DNA©

      The Blooma DNA© Score is the gold standard of deal valuations – because it’s yours. We layer your profile and user settings against our extensive library of market data and industry benchmarks to calibrate a score that is uniquely your own.

      Safe and secure

      In today’s digital-everything world, security matters more than ever. Our platform is SOC 2 (type 1 & 2) compliant and meets stringent regulatory guidelines so you can trust that your deals, data, and customers are in good hands. With Blooma, you’ll be ready for anything.

      Flexible & future-proof

      Blooma’s accelerated underwriting platform brings together best-in-class technology, a robust suite of APIs, and a seamless workflow to digitally transform and modernize the underwriting process – and it’s designed to fully integrate with your current systems and processes. Our automated underwriting system provides a flexible skeleton that scales and grows with your needs — without the need to remove or replace existing tools.

      With you every step of the way

      At Blooma, our customers come first. From implementation onward, our dedicated support team is here to help you reach your business goals. Our customer success team is made up of industry experts who’ve been in your shoes. We’ll help you analyze your process for seamless integration and ongoing optimization.

      AI Empowered.

      When it comes to underwriting, there truly is an art to getting it right.

      Blooma uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and optimize your process. It’s not making decisions for you — it’s helping you make them. Faster and more accurately. Our automated underwriting software takes your unique preferences and layers in real-time data to deliver powerful insights so you can make critical business decisions with confidence. 

      The future of CRE lending is here.

      Our Customers

      Don’t just take it from us

      Alexander Lange

      Alexander Lange


      “Blooma’s automation platform changed the way we manage our loan origination process. We are now able to approve the right loans which has dramatically improved the profitability of our lending practice.”

      A.J. Moyer

      A.J. Moyer


      “C3Bank has been able to spend more time on the right deals for our bank and automate our lending process – Blooma has transformed our lending business.”

      Increase your lending power. Grow your portfolio.

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