Reimagine the Lending Experience

Automated AI Driven Decision Making for Commercial Loan Origination

Get revenue quicker!

Blooma is a simple and cost effective loan origination platform that delivers data-driven intelligent asset scoring and deal pipeline insights to speed your loan processing decisions.

With AI automation, configurable workflows and risk settings, you have the power to make the right lending decisions at scale.

  • Prioritize the right deals
  • Reduce loan origination costs
  • Gain simplicity and productivity

Built for scale and flexibility

Recommended next steps and insights

Smart deal scoring and prioritization of tasks

Personalized workflows and risk settings

Store and manage deals from one source

How Blooma makes lending smart

Updating existing and new loan opportunities is manual, monotonous, and resource-intensive. Blooma let's you do more with less.

Blooma's automation platform changed the way we manage our loan origination process. We are now able to approve the right loans which has dramatically improved the profitability of our lending practice.Alexander Lange (Loan Origination Manager)

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