Cultivating the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Blooma is the leading digital underwriting platform powered by artificial intelligence for commercial real estate.

Learn how you can grow your lending practice

Imagine a virtual underwriting assistant that automates the collection, aggregation, and scoring of lending transactions to get to the right asset valuation in a few clicks instead of a few weeks.

With Blooma, lenders can reduce loan origination time by 75%, increase lending power by 25%, and achieve a 4x reduction in origination and servicing costs.

CRE Origination Intelligence

AI powered asset and borrower analysis helps automate 80% of underwriting in minutes.

CRE Portfolio Intelligence

Automated, continuous loan monitoring provides an early indication of risk.

Complete Blooma CRE Product Mix

Automated valuations, borrower and asset analysis, and deal scoring for any CRE underwriting.

Our Mission

Blooma conducts the science of commercial real estate underwriting so that lenders and mortgage brokers can focus on the art. ​Blooma allows underwriters and originators to spend less time reading documents and spreading financials, and more time making strategic decisions and closing the CRE transactions that make an impact in our neighborhoods and on our world.

Connected and Scalable

Cloud-based SaaS platform and API ecosystem

Time Savings And Speed

AI/ML, data-driven, automation


Configurable lending profile and deal scoring

Early Indication Of Risk

Automated, continuous refresh with market data

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