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Five ways to assess the risk of a CRE loan…and how it’s simpler than ever with Blooma 
When it comes to underwriting commercial real estate (CRE), getting the most accurate picture of risk possible is essential. Here’s 5 key steps to assessing risk, and how Blooma can help you level up your lending.
“How did I get here?”: The story of how (and why) an old soul CRE / CMBS guy ended up at a SaaS company 
After spending most of my life working in the CRE / CMBS space, I know that not everything can (or should) be automated. Here’s my take on what Blooma gets right and why it inspired this self-proclaimed ‘old soul’ to take a leap of faith on modern tech.
Class Is In Session! Welcome To Cap Rate 101
Alright class. Today, we’re talking all about Capitalization Rate. And while this metrics got absolutely nothing to do with grammar, when it comes to its use in commercial real estate, you’ll most certainly want to mind your p’s and q’s.
Bank FinTech Showcase Interview Series
Blooma CEO, Shayne Skaff, and Sunwest Bank President, Carson Lappetito, sit down with Chief Strategist at Piper Sandler, Robert Albertson to talk about CREtech and how it’s changing the industry for good.
We Need To Talk…About DSCR
Today, we’re talking about DSCR — or debt service coverage ratio and why it’s basically the Holy Grail of CRE metrics.
Let’s Make Some (NOI)se For NOI
NOI. This powerhouse metric is a staple in CRE lending. And today, we’re breaking it down to the basics for you. What is it? How do you calculate it? Why does it matter?
The Power of Curated and Consolidated Information
Answer to any question: 10 cents. Correct answer to any question: 10 dollars.
The Art of Shaping the Story
CRE service providers and the current technology revolution.
Industry Adaptation and Privacy in the New Era of AI
How data security is changing everything.
The Life and Times of a Former CRE Underwriter
How the traditional approach can lead to more distractions than deals.
Your Computer Gives You an A for Effort Today
Using AI to help you make decisions, not make decisions for you.
Bank Director Interview
Selections from a Q&A focused on Strategic Planning In A Rapidly Evolving Digital Environment.
What Does A Valuable AI System Mean To Me?
Engaging your neural network and decision signature in time for breakfast.
What Is Blooma?
The story of who we are, where we come from, and why we’re here.

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