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Mastering Loan Portfolio Performance Reviews: The Blooma Way

Loan performance reviews got you in a bind? Not to fear. Rachel Gammons is back

Workplace Cannibal or Creative Liberator: Understanding AI’s Impact on the Job Market

Blooma's CTO, Shy Blick, continues his existential exploration into AI.

feature / FEATURE: CRE Stress Testing

We're taking a tour of Blooma, one feature at a time. Let's take a tour

A CRE Horror Story: Escaping the Frankenstack Fright

Unlock the power of CRE innovation as you conquer tech ghosts with our proven phased

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Data Analytics: Unlocking Potential with Insight

We’re currently living in an era where data dominates and reigns supreme. The commercial real

Things to Know About Investing in Commercial Real Estate: A Comprehensive Insight

The commercial real estate market currently presents a paradoxical situation. With interest rate hikes and

CRETech Recap

#ICYMI Rachel Gammons is giving us the run down on last week's CRETech event in

Unlocking CRE Data — Episode 3 Recap

In the final episode of our Unlocking CRE Data Series with CompStak, Mark and Michael

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Get Into Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate (CRE) is not just a market. It’s a world of possibilities where

A Glimpse into the Underwriting Process and the Impact of Technology

Are you confused about the underwriting process behind a mortgage application? Or maybe you’re a

Key Data Points in Optimizing Commercial Real Estate Transactions

The Need for Data in Commercial Real Estate The CRE industry is a complex one.

Commercial Real Estate Investing: An Essential Guide and the Role of Blooma

The world of commercial real estate investing is an exciting one filled with abundant opportunities
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