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The life and times of a former CRE underwriter

Geoffrey Eng, Director of Customer Experience
How the traditional approach can lead to more distractions than deals.

Your computer gives you an A for effort today

Tal Almog, COO and Head of Product
Using AI to help you make decisions, not make decisions for you.

Industry adaptation and privacy in the new era of AI

Philomena Lamoureaux, Head of AI
How data security is changing everything.

Bank Director Interview

Hannah Gilliland, Associate
Selections from a Q&A focused on Strategic Planning In A Rapidly Evolving Digital Environment.

What does a valuable AI system mean to me?

Shy Blick, CTO
Engaging your neural network and decision signature in time for breakfast.

What is Blooma?

Shayne Skaff, CEO
The story of who we are, where we come from, and why we’re here.

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