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The Blooma platform collects, analyzes and compiles a complete picture of both assets and borrowers making your loan underwriting faster and smarter.


Digital Underwriter

The Blooma platform eliminates your manual loan practices by automating and parsing deals and leverages AI to help you make scientifically informed, rapid decisions.

We enhance your underwriters’ productivity, by automating the manual process of evaluating deal collateral and spreading of borrower financials. Blooma streamlines this information into your organization’s loan origination systems, saving time and money.


Digital Loan Auditing

The Blooma platform offers automated, continuous loan auditing and API connections to real-time data sources providing you early indication of risk.

Loans are continuously screened according to your ideal lending profile. Blooma monitors key deal metrics and automates loan auditing to ensure your lending portfolio keeps performing at its optimal efficiency.


Portfolio Analyzer

Blooma’s portfolio management analyzes and automates portfolio monitoring and stress testing.

Gain a complete picture of your loan deals and maximize utilization of your lending power with scenario analysis. The Blooma platform grants visibility to potential events that would maximize the profitability of your portfolio in the future.

Alexander Lange

“Blooma’s automation platform changed the way we manage our loan origination process. We are now able to approve the right loans which has dramatically improved the profitability of our lending practice.”
Origination Manager, ABP Capital

Blooma acts as a digital underwriting assistant by automating the scoring of deals to help lenders and brokers get to the right asset valuation in a click.

The Blooma AI platform will help you make scientifically informed, rapid decisions and reduce loan origination time and costs by as much as 75%.

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