Reshape Your CRE Lending Experience

The Blooma platform collects, analyzes and compiles a complete picture of both assets and borrowers, making your loan underwriting faster and smarter.

Our Product Mix

Introducing automated valuations, borrower analysis, asset analysis, and deal scoring.

Blooma is a powerful system that uses the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for a new approach to auditing entire loan portfolios, analyzing new deals, refinancing existing loans, and any process that involves the underwriting of commercial real estate.

CRE Portfolio Intelligence

Blooma provides automated loan monitoring, loan auditing, deal stress testing, and borrower analysis, allowing for the value of an entire portfolio to be tracked in real time.

The platform monitors key deal metrics and automates loan auditing to ensure lending portfolios keep performing at optimal efficiency. Loans and metrics are continuously screened according to established ideal lending profile and API connections to real-time market data sources, including crime, environmentals, and other third party data, providing an essential early indication of risk.

CRE Origination Intelligence

Blooma enhances origination productivity with deal sizing, valuations, asset analysis, borrower analysis, and pipeline management.

The platform automates the process of evaluating deal collateral and spreading financials, then streams this information into existing loan origination systems, making them smarter. Blooma provides fast and accurate valuations based on intelligent comparables and market expenses, leveraging AI to help make scientifically informed, rapid decisions for originating new deals or refinancing existing properties.

Blooma’s SaaS AI Platform is Built for Scale and Flexibility

Build lending profiles for automated deal analysis

Predictive and prescriptive comparable and asset valuations

Automatically extract and process deal documents

Intelligent decision support and deal scoring

Future-Proof Architecture

Built For Scale

Blooma leverages API’s, micro-services, AI, and analytics to enhance systems already in use. Lenders can continue using existing legacy tools and data while building new business capabilities with forward-looking technologies.

Built For Flexibility

By combining modern technologies to lay a foundation for a future-proof architecture, Blooma provides a flexible structure that scales and grows with individual needs. All without the need to remove and replace existing tools.

Built To Customize

Blooma produces a personalized deal score based on a combination of lender-defined parameters and AI that learns the nuances of your team.

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