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Reshape Your CRE Lending Experience

Blooma’s commercial lending software collects, analyzes and compiles a complete picture of both assets and borrowers, making your loan underwriting faster and smarter.

Nail your pre-flight process

DYK? On average, less than 10% of deals end up getting approved — and that’s after the underwriting process is complete. The bottom line: your time is valuable, don’t waste it. 

Blooma’s commercial lending platform pulls in thousands of data points from third-party providers, and assesses a deal’s value based on your unique profile in just minutes. With Blooma DNA deal scoring, you can trust that your deals are up to snuff.

  • Quick, accurate valuations
  • Intelligent comparables, market expenses and AI
  • Enhanced asset analysis containing market & risk data
  • Personalized lending profiles
  • Blooma certified DNA Score
Blooma platform's rent roll interface
commercial lending software interface

Underwrite & originate deals

Originate deals faster and easier than ever before with our intelligent workflow. Our commercial lending software is designed to work with and improve your existing processes, not complicate them. Use your data and templates or use ours — the choice is yours. AI powered asset and borrower analysis helps automate 85% of the underwriting process in minutes.

Create your profile, set your preferences, and upload deal documents into the Blooma platform. Yes, it’s really that simple. And it’s seamless, too.

  • Data-driven workflow with AI document parsing
  • Borrower financial analysis
  • Cashflow analysis for individuals and companies
  • Custom templates for easy import / export
  • One-click deal summaries
  • Centralized document storage

Monitor your portfolio

Manage one deal, or your entire portfolio with ongoing monitoring, stress testing and borrower analysis. The commercial lending platform monitors key deal metrics and automates loan auditing to ensure lending portfolios are performing at optimal efficiency. With Blooma, you can get a leg up with early indicators of risk at the loan and portfolio level.

Managing your portfolio shouldn’t be expensive and it shouldn’t be risky. Blooma makes it simple so you can rest easy.

  • Deal monitoring, stress testing and borrower analysis
  • Continuous data sync provides real-time, actionable insights
  • Early indication of risk

CRE’s secret weapon

The Blooma DNA© Score

Once you’ve uploaded a deal into Blooma, the platform will produce a score based upon how well that asset and borrower match the lending criteria set in your user profile. 

commercial lending software ranks users with a DNA profile
What’s in our DNA?

The Blooma DNA© Score factors in hundreds of unique data points to help you make strategic decisions about each deal. The commercial lending software allows you to select which data points to factor, how important each point is, and when that point is considered ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Even better? The scores are updated in real-time as market data changes so you’re always up to date. 

We’ll help you…


You oversee a lot more than just the lending arm of the business. And to top of it off, you’re probably thinking a lot about revenue growth, scaling your business operations, and how to balance new technologies with IT and security. 

We’ve got you covered. 

Grow your lending portfolio

Blooma customers see an average increase in transaction volume of 50% from efficiency and accuracy gains made through the platform. Data-driven insights allow you and your team to make strategic decisions for long term gains.

Reduce operating costs & attract better talent

Customers that choose Blooma can save upwards of $63k/year – and since the platform allows users to offload monotonous and labor-intensive tasks, they get to focus on strategic, higher value-add work. That’s not just good for your bottom line, it means you’re a magnet for top-tier talent, too.

Centralize and streamline your business operations

Blooma easily integrates with your existing systems and processes, so implementation is a breeze. With built-in features like custom templates and one-click deal summaries, the commercial lending software is designed to connect and optimize your current operations. 

Future-proof your lending practice

Today, being data-driven isn’t just a “nice-to-have.” We’re helping our customers digitally transform their businesses and providing data and insights in real time so you can knock out your goals and get ahead of them.

Underwriters & Analysts

You’re responsible for bringing in new business and vetting deals as they come in the door. Even on a good day, the workload can be heavy and tedious. 

We can help with that. 

Close & win more deals

The Blooma platform automates up to 85% of the underwriting process so you can go from “deal” to “done” in no time flat. Pre-flight checks allow you to sift through incoming deals to ensure you’re only moving forward with those that make the most sense for your business.   

Automate manual tasks

Level up your workflow — and your role. Blooma’s commercial lending software uses AI and machine learning to automate manual processes so you can focus on making strategic decisions instead.  

Get insights into the metrics that matter most

Blooma provides real-time updates on the metrics that are most critical to your deals. The platform pulls from user inputted and third-party data to generate LTV, cap rate, GOI / NOI, etc. Even better? You’ll get helpful insights into what’s changed and can compare scores by user profile.

Be ready for anything

Monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews stressing you out? Not anymore. With ongoing portfolio monitoring, all of your deals are updated in real-time. Get ahead of your calendar and in the clear of risk with our commercial lending software.

Create happy customers

With traditional methods, closing a deal can take weeks. That’s frustrating for you, but also for your customers. Blooma’s commercial lending platform is designed to cut out time-intensive and manual processes so you can help your customers achieve their goals faster than ever before.

Built for CRE, by CRE

The concept for Blooma was inspired by underwriters and analysts and designed based on their day-to-day work and real feedback.

The commercial lending platform is loaded with helpful features that eliminate pain points and empower you to be your best.

Parsing & Artificial Intelligence

Using optical character recognition (OCR) the Blooma platform is able to scan multiple document types and pull all the relevant info to your deal. Did we mention that this takes just a few minutes? 

Even better, it gets smarter the more you use it. Blooma is built using powerful AI that learns as you go, and to add an extra layer of protection we’ve even ‘augmented’ it so you can trust that your deal data is 100% percent accurate. 

Easy, 1-click Deal Summaries

We know the amount of work that goes into working up a deal. We also know that when it comes time to share it, you put a lot of effort into making it look great, too. That’s why we’ve created simple and beautiful one pager templates for your deals. 

In one click, you’ve got all the highlights at your fingertips so you’re ready to go in a moments notice. 

Document Management

Keeping track of deal documents is a pain. It doesn’t have to be. With Blooma, we’ve built features right into the platform that make document management a breeze. 

Upload your deal documents in seconds with our bulk upload feature. Then, store, organize and track them in our online portal for simple and safe keeping. Check this one off your list. 

Data-driven & Accurate

Getting access to data is hard. Getting access to good data is even harder. At Blooma, we believe the future of CRE lending is connected — that’s why we’re constantly working with the vendors you know and trust to deliver the most accurate comps possible. 

We aggregate and normalize our data set across a number of different sources to carefully select the best data points for your deal. Want to use your own? That’s fine. Simply pick and choose which points you want to update, change or omit. 

Flexible & Future-proof

Built For Scale

Blooma leverages API’s, micro-services, AI, and analytics to enhance systems already in use. Lenders can continue using existing legacy tools and data while building new business capabilities with forward-looking technologies.

Built For Flexibility

By combining modern technologies to lay a foundation for a future-proof architecture, Blooma provides a flexible structure that scales and grows with individual needs. All without the need to remove and replace existing tools.

Built To Customize

With personalized lending profiles, custom Excel templates, export options, and more, Blooma is designed to be uniquely your own. We’ll help you tailor the platform to your specific needs, then watch it learn and grow as your business does. 

Faster insights. Smarter decisions. Endless possibilities.

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