Commercial Lending Software with Blooma

The commercial lending lifecycle can be slow, tedious, and time-consuming. Lenders navigate a lengthy underwriting process.

Commercial lenders lose out on potential business daily because the process takes too long. It can take weeks or months to close a commercial loan. Reliable market and borrower data can be expensive and hard to come by.

Blooma was created to solve these very challenges. Our AI platform helps reduce commercial loan origination time and cost, perform a more comprehensive deal analysis, and increase opportunities to close more deals.

Blooma is the first fully digital CRE solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate and streamline the underwriting process.

With Blooma, you can make better decisions—using comprehensive real-time data and analytics—and can get continuous updates on your loan portfolio to stay ahead of risk.

Trust Blooma with Your Commercial Lending Process

Blooma provides commercial lenders an efficient and secure platform, making CRE (and CRM) simple and the lending experience faster.

Our intuitive user interface simplifies the loan application process, and our lenders have access to the data-driven insights they need to make informed decisions.

Our software has been used by businesses of all sizes—from debt funds to community banks to national lenders.

Commercial lenders have seen positive results with Blooma. You can too.

Benefits of Commercial Lending Software

Commercial lending software is an online platform that provides a secure, streamlined experience and allows lenders to access the data they need to assess loan applications.

Commercial lending software offers businesses efficient financing options with intuitive user interfaces that simplify the loan process.

Size Your Deals

Commercial lending software solutions can make evaluating loan applications and deals quicker and more efficient, helping lenders save time and money. It provides comprehensive real-time data to analyze deals, including up–to–date market trends and risk assessments from reliable third-party data providers.

Blooma’s AI platform is designed to automate the pre-flight for each deal, so more deals can be evaluated accurately in minutes instead of weeks. Get to LOI—in minutes, not days—with document parsing and third-party data analysis.

Simplify Your Workflow

Commercial lending software can help commercial lenders simplify their workflow by streamlining the loan origination process. AI-driven algorithms and machine learning capabilities enable faster and more accurate data gathering for loan underwriting.

The commercial lending software offered by Blooma simplifies the loan origination process, speeds up your underwriting process, and helps lenders close more deals. It automates tedious and monotonous tasks like data entry and document review, making it easier to manage underwriting processes effectively.

The Blooma platform is intentionally designed to plug into your existing workflow seamlessly. It makes your workflow work for you with integrations, bespoke reporting, and custom export options.

Monitor Your Loans

Commercial lending software helps you keep track of your loans. It shows lenders the data they need to decide if they want to lend and makes keeping track of your loans more manageable.

You can stay ahead of the competition with real-time updates! With Blooma’s stress testing and borrower analysis, you can run various risk management scenarios confidently.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Commercial lending software can help commercial lenders make data-driven decisions by providing comprehensive real-time data to analyze deals, including up–to–date market trends and risk assessments from reliable third-party data providers.

With Blooma, you have access to an AI platform that automates the pre-flight for each deal, so you don’t miss any critical information. 

Blooma partners with and pull in the best–in–class data from well-known and trusted providers. The Blooma platform updates deals in the system in real-time.

Blooma’s commercial lending software can help you make better decisions and have confidence in the loans you close.

What Comes With Our Commercial Lending Software?

Blooma has features and functionalities that will help you decide on deals in less than an hour.

Deal Scoring

Maximize any deal’s potential with the Blooma Deal Score. The platform generates a comprehensive score tailored to your user profile as it analyzes your deals based on chosen data points.

Located at the top of each deal page, the deal score is based on the current selected user profile (there can be several). It takes your unique lending preferences and gives that deal a score (1-100) based on how well it lines up. 


With Blooma, you can calculate multiple property valuations (and, in turn, their profitability) per deal. Quickly and efficiently compute income and sales valuations, or manually input your own valuations.

Receive much more than just the borrower’s information. Our lending platform gathers thousands of data points from reliable third-party sources to give you a thorough and accurate picture of your loan.


Review up to 100 comparable deals quickly and effortlessly.

With one click, you can analyze a complete list of results returned and analyzed by our system. This makes it easy to construct an accurate comp set precisely, reflecting the market value of your subject property.

Stress Testing

With Blooma’s dashboard, you can efficiently assess potential risk areas by running stress tests in each deal.

Adjust variables such as revenue, expenses, cap rate, vacancy, and interest rates to analyze their impact on the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR), debt yield, and loan–to–value (LTV) of the loan.

Models & Forecasting

Blooma enables you to quickly and easily model market and actual proforma assumptions in a single platform.

You can parse dynamic financial data from financial documents into cash flow models built out in the system.

Extra perks of Blooma’s commercial lending software

A decrease in origination time

Outpace competition by being the first to respond to deals. Eliminate manual processes and reduce origination time by 85%.

An increase in transaction volume

Unlock the potential of your commercial lending business by supercharging your workflow with real-time data and insights. Our customers have reported an impressive 50% increase in their transaction volume!

An overall reduction in cost

With a 4x overall reduction in cost, you can stay ahead of risks and empower your team to achieve more than they ever thought possible.


Blooma provides a commercial lending solution by providing the tools and data you need for informed decision-making on your deals in less than an hour.

You can trust Blooma’s AI platform to automate pre-flight for each deal, giving you access to comprehensive real-time data, stress testing results, loan score analysis, and more.

Start using Blooma today and unlock a new level of efficiency in loan analysis and servicing, and customer relationship management.