Why Automated Underwriting Software?

Automated underwriting software gives back to Commercial Real Estate (CRE) lenders their most valuable asset—time.

Blooma uses advanced AI and machine learning technology to handle the manual and monotonous side of commercial mortgage underwriting. It automates the more tedious aspects of the mortgage lending process so loan officers and decision-makers can perform their job faster—with fewer mistakes and more confidence.

The platform parses documents, aggregates data, and builds comp structures, empowering the users to focus on what they’re good at—the art of underwriting.

Underwriters can now utilize their full potential by injecting their experience, relationships, and human decision-making ability into the loan lifecycle.

Blooma’s automated underwriting software is your secret weapon for more efficient and accurate loan management.

If you’re a commercial real estate lender, discover how you can use loan automation to your full advantage. 

Streamline your mortgage underwriting process today.

Why Use Commercial Mortgage Underwriting Software?

Mortgage underwriting software offers critical functionality that can streamline the pre-flight and loan origination processes. By utilizing advanced AI technology, the platform can compile data from multiple sources and provide insights that allow you to make confident decisions s faster than traditional manual processes. 

This type of software helps commercial mortgage lenders manage risk more efficiently while leveraging their experience and customer relationships.

Make Informed Decisions

Using commercial mortgage underwriting software helps lenders make smart financial decisions without the need to pour over multiple files and documents.

Blooma pulls in 1,000’s of unique data points on each deal, with information parsed directly from uploaded documents and third-party data providers. Now you can review asset information and multiple data points from end-to-end—in a single platform and updated in real time.

Size Up Your Deals

With commercial mortgage underwriting software, lenders can analyze deals in minutes rather than weeks.

Get to LOI in under an hour, reduce origination time by 85%, and view 3x more deals. Cut low-value tasks and let the Blooma platform do the work for you.

Simplify Your Workflow

Using Blooma’s commercial  mortgage underwriting software streamlines your workflow—drastically increasing accuracy and lessening the risk of errors that can be costly for any lender.

Speed up loan origination and pre-flight for each deal by automating tedious tasks like data entry and document review.

Monitor Your Portfolio

Blooma users can perform health checks and other portfolio monitoring exercises within the platform.

Run stress tests in each deal to identify areas of heightened risk by adjusting revenue, expenses, cap rate, vacancy, and interest rate to analyze their effect on the mortgage loan’s DSCR, Debt Yield, and LTV.

The stress testing calculations, updated market data, and dynamically updated valuations can be pushed into your portfolio or risk management systems. 

Think: more accurate input values for credit risk models and, potentially, lower reserves and/or capital requirements.

CRE With Confidence

With Blooma’s cloud-based software, you can have greater confidence in the commercial loans you close.

The platform automates the pre-flight process for each deal, so you don’t miss any crucial data. Blooma provides comprehensive real-time data to analyze deals, including up–to–date market trends and risk assessments from reliable third-party data providers.

What Comes With Blooma’s Commercial Mortgage Underwriting Software?

Blooma’s automated underwriting software comes with features and functionalities that will elevate loan production to new heights:

Document Parsing & Management

Blooma’s automated underwriting system allows you to use the platform for document management—making it easy to upload documents in bulk. Parse documents instead of manually keying in data.

The software offers automated analysis and parsing of financial documents such as tax returns, personal financial statements, and schedules of real estate. This gives users detailed insights into the borrower’s cash flow, net worth, and liquidity support for a deal.

Create and Explore Your Deals

Create deals and process loan applications with enhanced AI. 

Blooma’s Deal Scoring feature provides an accurate assessment of your portfolio based on customizable parameters, so you can quickly evaluate the potential return on investment for each deal.

When you view deal scores, Blooma takes your unique lending preferences and gives that deal a score (1-100) by how well it lines up to your chosen profile. The platform’s intuitive interface lets you view summaries and trends or dive into the details of your deals.

Get quick but detailed insights when you sort, filter and organize the data within the platform.

Connect Your Tech Stack

When it comes to commercial mortgage underwriting, Blooma’s software makes it easier to connect your tech stack—thanks to powerful API integrations. This feature lets you quickly and easily transfer data from existing systems into the platform and vice versa, so you can always have the most up-to-date information for your deals.

Blooma also partners with trusted CRE tech vendors and providers to ensure you get real-time data, bespoke reporting, and custom export options.

Use Your Current Templates

With Blooma, you can quickly and easily export to your current screening, sizing, and underwriting templates. Our software lets you download and export data to Excel or existing templates.

Plus, Blooma’s intuitive user interface allows you to customize existing templates with just a few clicks—giving you total control over how to view each deal.

Let the Platform Do the Work for You

Blooma provides intelligent insights for each deal. 

Automate manual tasks and tedious data entry with powerful AI algorithms. Stay ahead of risk by getting continuous updates on your portfolio.

By leveraging Blooma’s consolidated platform, you can make better loan decisions off of best in class mix of data. 

Unlock a New Level of Efficiency With Blooma

Smart decisions lead to better outcomes. Responding first in the CRE lending business is where the advantage lies. 

We are here to help you make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

Blooma speeds up slow mortgage processes and gives brokers, lenders, and debt-equity players more insight to make an informed decision on deals and portfolios in less time.

With Blooma, you can enjoy faster time to LOI—all while getting better and more comprehensive data.

Unlock the Blooma difference. Book a demo today.v