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It’s no secret that the underwriting process for real estate professionals and lenders is time-consuming and painstaking.

Gathering and synthesizing all the data required to make a sound lending decision can take days, sometimes weeks. This drawn-out process can lead to missed opportunities and even financial losses.

Blooma offers a radically different and modern way to do business. By automating 80% of the pre-flight process in minutes, Blooma delivers data-driven insights that drive real results on your entire portfolio.

Save time and get ahead of risk with the platform that continuously tracks and audits your entire loan portfolio.

By significantly reducing the time and cost associated with loan origination, lenders in the commercial real estate industry can analyze and optimize more leads, resulting in more deals.

CRE professionals have seen positive results with Blooma. You can too.

How does Blooma’s CRE Software Simplify the Loan Production Process?

Blooma’s CRE software solution is a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed to help commercial real estate (CRE) lenders streamline their loan origination and portfolio management processes.

Blooma makes it easier for lenders to review (and close) more loans while continuously monitoring their portfolios. It saves time and money so they can screen more deals and respond first with confidence.

Blooma’s platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate deal pre-flight and streamline the underwriting process – you’ll truly feel the Blooma difference.

Make More Informed Decisions with Better Data & Insights

Blooma’s CRE software platform offers lenders a more informed and confident decision-making process compared to traditional methods. 

At deal creation, Blooma’s technology parses, ingests, and analyzes deal data from uploaded documents (with 99% accuracy). Blooma also has partnerships with top-tier data providers to import 3rd party data that’s updated in real time. 

The platform analyzes more than five thousand data points per deal and stacks them up against your unique lender settings to arm you with all the information needed to make the correct decision for your business upfront. 

Once your deal has been created in the system you can customize your fields, edit deal data, and upload bulk documents from a single dashboard.

Enhanced Portfolio Monitoring

Blooma offers an enhanced portfolio monitoring feature that provides an in-depth view of your entire loan portfolio. It allows you to stress test your entire portfolio, subsets of the portfolio, and individual deals post-origination to better understand your risk exposure. Visualize the health of your portfolio with dashboards for intelligent performance analysis. View summaries and trends or dive into the details

of your deals. Sort, filter and organize to produce quick insights on your portfolio.

Blooma’s enhanced portfolio monitoring helps lenders save time and money while ensuring accuracy and reliability throughout the entire lending cycle. Automated, trigger-based alerts

help capture critical insights with just-in-time information based on market data. Easily and efficiently update property performance data using Blooma’s document parsing technology. 

Automated Reporting

Blooma’s CRE software allows businesses to generate reports quickly and provides detailed insights into their real estate data. Automated reporting can save businesses time and money by reducing administrative work and focusing on more strategic tasks.

Avoid wasting precious time and energy copying and pasting information from your deal documents. Blooma automatically collates data from various sources to give you data-based insights in one click.

Run Stress Testing & Analyze Financials 

Stress testing helps lenders determine the overall health of their loans and identify those that might be at risk. With Blooma, you can assess the risk exposure at the deal and portfolio level through comprehensive stress testing. Adjust variables such as revenue, expenses, cap rate, vacancy, and interest rate to calculate their effect on DSCR, Debt Yield, and LTV.

In addition to the review of collateral valuations, Blooma also supports the analysis of Borrower / Sponsor / Guarantor financials. This includes the automated parsing and spreading of financial documents such as tax returns, personal financial statements, schedules of real estate, and liquidity statements. The platform presents net worth and liquidity analysis, as well as global cash flow analysis based on the collateral, Borrowers, and Sponsors / Guarantors.

What Comes With Our CRE Management Software?

Accepts Multiple File Formats

When you use Blooma, you don’t need to ask Borrowers to send more documents or change file types. Blooma can accept multiple file formats such as Excel, PDF, and even scanned documents.

Information Verified by a CRE Data Analyst

Blooma uses AI and OCR to process all documents. Expert Blooma CRE data analysts also validate data to ensure accuracy and reliability. With this extra layer of assurance, you can be confident that any information from the platform can be used to inform your decisions.

Use Financial Models and Forecasting

Transform your financial documents into dynamic cash flow models with a single click. Quickly and accurately model both market trends and pro forma assumptions without breaking a sweat.

Let Blooma help with your CRE software needs

With Blooma, you can rest assured knowing that your CRE software and portfolio monitoring needs are taken care of. Blooma’s AI-driven solutions help commercial lenders like you from end-to-end—so you can view and close more deals while getting ahead of risk.

At Blooma, our goal is simple: to help commercial lenders succeed through more intelligent CRE tech and software solutions.

Make CRE simple. Start using Blooma today.

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